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Maintains self-cleaning effect without UV rays.

EXCEL PURE overcame issues with Photocatalyst!!
  • 1) Performs without UV rays!
  • 2) Can be applied to base materials without Binder!
  • 3) Increase light transmittance of base material
      for a long time!

Recently, from the point of view of energy saving, the demand of natural lighting for building is accelerated. In accordance with such trend, the using volume of transparent materials such as glass, acrylic or polycarbonate resin for buildings is increasing.
In the past, "Photocatalyst" was expected as antifouling agent for such transparent materials. However, photocatalyst needs "Light" for performance and "Binder (Glue)" for application. Thus, peoples who concerned such characteristics of photocatalyst as a problem desired improved antifouling coating.
We focused this problem and had been proceeding the development of new antifouling agent by state of the art technology and collaboration with university. We succeeded to develop overcome the almost all problems of conventional photocatalyst. The name is, "Inorganic Antifouling coating EXCEL PURE"

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